Steffi, an Independent Nurse Practitioner with five years experience of owning an Aesthetics Practice providing botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and advanced non surgical treatments.

Taught by world renowned injector Dr Mauricio De Maio, Steffi is expertly trained in prestigious and revolutionary injection techniques (referred to as the MD codes). We pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service using only the highest quality products in the aesthetics industry.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Here at Harper Aesthetics we only use Toxin manufactured and supplied by Allergan

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Dermal Filler Injections

Harper Aesthetics our expert nurse uses both ranges of Juvéderm® dermal fillers which have a proven safety record and are the leading brand in the industry.

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Dermaplaning is a simple, safe method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently stroke off the top layers of dulling dead skin cells and vellus hairs revealing a smoother, brighter complexion.

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Non-surgical Blepharoplasty

offers a low risk procedure, with minimal side effects, and none of the complications associated with surgical interventions. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for those who prefer the non-surgical route for skin rejuvenation treatments.

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PDO Threads

PDO Honey Derma threads are used for ‘non-surgical’ face and neck lifts, as well as facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reducing treatments. This minimally invasive procedure uses dissolvable PDO Threads (Polydioxanone),

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Fire & Ice Facial

This intensive medi-facial is clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and designed to repidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal.

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The PRODIGY PEEL SYSTEM combines resorcinol, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and citric acid to target multiple skin concerns ranging from mild to moderate aging, mild acne, and pigment irregularities.

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WOW Fusion & facial

.A truly bespoke skincare treatment. WOW Fusion treatments can be used to maintain and restore your skin health and is a go to treatment for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, open pores, excess sebum, dull skin, hyperhidrosis, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scarring. Perfect for maintaining skin health